We are both black and white females, both neutered and both were about 10 months old when re homed. Poppy is more black and has a gentle temprement.

Poppy & Daisy

Maisy was a 5 year old cat. Who is good with young children and dogs, but not other cats.


Annie was a 2 year old tortoiseshell female when she was re homed, she is very playful and loves to chase a ball.


Success Stories - Cats who have been Re-homed



Please find a selection of cats below that have been found loving homes through "Maidstone Cat Welfare"



Buddy is a 3 year old, white and ginger neutered tom, a brother to Tipsy. Buddy wasan indoor cats and do not get on with other cats or dogs. He is playful and adventurous with a lovely temperamant. 


Saffron and Cinnamon are dark tortie females, approx 10 weeks old. They are the 2 females from Pepper"s litter of 5 kittens.

Saffron & Cinnamon

Coco is a female calico kitten, approx 11 months old. She is very sweet natured, though a little reserved. Coco is being fostered with her brother Oreo and loves cuddling up with him.


Fluffy is approx 2 years old and a beautiful girl spayed can be homed with children and dogs if the dog is not to boystrous.


Fennel is a lively ginger boy, one of Pepper"s kittens and like his brothers and sisters about 10 weeks old


Harley and Suzie are brother and sister. They are 8 months old and are looking for a good home.


Suzie & Harley

Lola is two years old and looking for her forever home. She needs a quiet one with a garden. She is gentle and sweet natured


I am a 14 week old male Kitten, born during Wimbledon. I am very playful with beautiful Blue eyes



Little Bit

About 6 -7 years old he doesn't like cuddles and would be better off in a very quiet house with no children he has been spayed, flea'ed and wormed


Nutmeg is a lively ginger and white boy, approx 10 weeks old, one of Pepper"s kittens


Oreo is a very fluffy black & white kitten, approx 11 months old. He is bold and confident, and looks likes he will grow into a big boy. Oreo is being fostered with his sister Coco and loves to cuddle up with her.


We are Pebbles & Simba, brother and sister and we are 7 years old and inseparable.

Pebbles & Simba

Pepper she is approx 3 years old. She has a lovely temperament and loves a cuddle.


Sparkle is more outgoing than Mini who is very nervous and shy but still loving and they both love a cuddle can be homed with children but not dogs. they are sisters and both 4 years old spayed

Sparkle & Mini



I am a mature Ginger Boy. I am approximately 2 to 2 1/2 years old. I am neutered. I can be re homed with older children, But NO other pets.


Arthur & Martha

Hi, We are Arthur (Black) and Martha (Black & White). We are two 12 week old Kittens. Arthur has a very placid temperament and Martha is a bit more Placid. We are both healthy & love to play.
 We are Brother & Sister. Lunar  & Midnight. We are six weeks old and we would like to be homed together.

Lunar & Midnight